How to manage reports as a Regulator

Once you have logged in, select the Reports main menu tab, and select the For Approval sub-tab to view only reports that are awaiting approval:

To view a particular report, click the View option on the right-hand side of the report:

If you want a quick look at who created the report (an excavator or utility), the report status, the assigned Regulator User and the date submitted, click the plus button  or the ID Number (e.g. IR42435) to expand the particular report to show these basic details. To condense it again, click the minus button 

From the View Report screen, click the Open Report button to allocate it to yourself for review and perform any actions necessary.

Assessing Reports

Allocating Reports

From the View Report screen, click the Open Report button to allocate it to yourself for review. This ensures other Regulator users are aware that you are reviewing this report. Once a report has been allocated, its status will update to "In Progress":

All previously-allocated reports can be located via the All Reports sub-tab.

Regulator users can also see who is reviewing each report by expanding the report - click the plus button .

Note: once a Regulator user is allocated to a report, it cannot be reassigned to another user. Other Regulator users can view the report, but cannot action it in any way.

Linking Reports

If during the review process you identify two reports for the same event (e.g. where a utility and excavator have both reported the same incident), they can be linked. This allows other Regulator users to see that there are multiple descriptions of the event, which may provide additional information to be considered as part of their review.

To do this, click the Link icon  on the right hand side of the Linked Reports box at the top, enter the Report # for the second report, and select whether it is being linked due to being Duplicated or Related:

Click the green tick button to finalize the link. The Linked Reports box will now show the report number that it is linked to and the type of link (i.e. Duplicate or Related) and its status:

Returning a Report to the Supervisor

If the content of the report requires amendments, further information, or corrections, it can be returned to the Supervisor via the Return to Supervisor function:

You will need to provide details as to why the report is being returned so the Supervisor can amend the relevant sections. Until the report is returned, its Status will update to "Returned to Supervisor":

When a Supervisor returns a report, it will appear on the Dashboard as "For Approval" status as usual, and a notification will show at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Enforcement Decisions

Upon receiving a complete report, as a Regulator user, you will need to use the information provided to make decisions regarding any violations of regulations that resulted in the damages.


When the content of the report is satisfactory, and you have sufficient information to assist in any investigation/supply to DIRT, click the green Accept button:

The Report Status will update to "Completed":

An email notification will be sent to both the Originator and the Supervisor to update them on the report's progress.