Opportunities and Challenges FAQs

What is an "Opportunity"?

An Opportunity is where two or more job sites are within 330 feet (100 meters) of each other, with start and end dates that do NOT overlap.


What is a "Challenge"?

​A challenge is where two or more job sit​​es are within 330 feet (100 meters) of each other, with start or end dates that DO overlap.​


How do I know if I have a new Challenge or Opportunity?

You will be notified by email if you have a new Challenge or Opportunity.​​ The Workbench screen also shows a map and list of all the visible jobs.


How do I list only the jobs that may be a Challenge (or Opportunity) to my job timeline or scope?

To view only the jobs that may be a Challenge or only the jobs that are an Opportunity, click on the respective button on the Dashboard menu to the left hand side of the screen:


How do I manage who can see my jobs?

When a job is created, you choose whether to Advance Visibility of the job or not. This allows you to manage whether it is for internal or public viewing. All jobs follow the same visibility hierarchy:

  • Loading (for Internal Use only)
  • Private (visibility shared with the Territory Owner)
  • Public (more widely shared with our organizations)

You can progress the status​ at any time by going to the Job Details screen, clicking Edit Job and checking the Visibility box.

Note: Y​​ou cannot revert a publicly visible job back to private.


How do I see all visible jobs impacting my planned works?

From the Job Details screen​, click the Relationships​ option in the menu on the left hand side. This will display a table and map showing all jobs that have a relationship of some kind (Challenge or Opportunity​) with this job. The table also shows whether or not they are willing to negotiate.


How do I negotiate with my Challenges and Opportunities?

Click the Conversations button for the job you wish to negotiate on.​​:


This allows you to send messages to the Opportunities​ and Challenges relevant to this job. Click the Create New button to start.

To create a proposal (a request requiring a "Yes" or "No" response), click the Proposal box ​before sending your message.

You can choose which jobs to include in your conversation by selecting them from the list below this.


What if I think someone has works planned near my site but I cannot see its details as an Opportunity or Challenge?

You can only see:

  • Jobs loaded from your own company, and
  • Jobs that are Opportunities or Challenges to yours from other asset owners that have been made public for viewing​.

All other jobs remain hidden from your view to allow the asset owner confidentiality for their planned works.​​


What if I have another question?

​In the top right corner is a Help button in case you need further assistance using the website:

Alternatively, you can search our other articles which might help with your query.