Operations - Emergencies (Service Operators Only)

The Emergencies operation is available only to service operators. It lists any emergencies or similar tickets that have been submitted via OneCall. This appears only when a station’s subscription rule has been setup with a transmission type set as ‘Phones’, meaning a call centre operator will need to ring the company to notify them for each ticket received.

Note: The red number shown next to the Emergencies heading is the number of actual emergency tickets within this section, not the total number of tickets (emergency and other categories) within this section.

The Emergencies screen will default to show all the emergency tickets – i.e. tickets assigned in OneCall as ERT, Emergency, Damage or Cross-Bore:

The most urgent/overdue tickets will be listed at the top of the table, while the newest/recently-updated tickets will appear at the bottom.

The table will list the count down clock of when the attempt to contact the company is due, the ticket number, when the ticket was last updated, how many attempts have been made to contact the company, the province, the company name and the station code. You can filter the table by Ticket Type (All emergencies which includes all ERT, Emergency, Damage and Cross-Bore tickets; Emergencies which is Emergency tickets only; or Non-Emergencies), Action required (Action required or No action required), the province, or searching for a particular ticket number, company name, or station code.