PositiveResponse - API Member Functions

Authorities and utilities have two methods by which they can register PositiveResponse response codes for an enquirer's ticket:

Method 1: A staff member from an authority/utility with access to the DamagePreventionPortal web site can use its PositiveResponse operator interface to manually record Station response codes for specific tickets.

Method 2: An authority/utility (or their service provider) can choose to extend functionality in their ticket management system to integrate with the PositiveResponse application directly. This allows response codes to be registered automatically in PositiveResponse as a result of actions taken in the ticket management system. Integration is enabled by PositiveResponse exposing a web API (Application Programming Interface) allowing authenticated applications to register response codes.

The attached "PositiveResponse  API Member Functions" document provides technical details about the PositiveResponse API, useful to a software developer needing to integrate their organisation's application with PositiveResponse.