How to Create a Proposal

If there are jobs happening near yours, you may wish to communicate or collaborate with these other organizations/workers. You might need to discuss scheduling, location, combining resources, etc.

A proposal is a particular communication that requires a "Yes" or "No" response from the recipient. You can propose any sort of collaboration with other organizations/jobs, or they can do it with you if your jobs are visible.

​Click on the conversation button on the Job Details screen of the job you wish to negotiate on:

On this page there is a Create New button, which allows you to send a message to the Opportunities or Challenges​ relevant to this job:

Clicking this button opens up the form to type in your message:

Fill in the conversation topic and message, and check the Proposal box on the right hand side below the Comments box. By checking the Proposal box, you are requesting a "Yes" or "No" answer from the recipient/s. They will have the option to either Accept or Decline your proposal. Next, check the relevant jobs you want to send this to. When you are done, click Finish. The message and proposal will be sent to the recipient/s of the selected jobs.

You now just need to wait for the responses or message from the Recipient for further a response to the proposal. You can see the status of the proposal by opening the particular conversation or by clicking on the Relationships tab.