Emergencies - How to Action Emergencies (Service Operators Only)

To action or view the details of a ticket, click anywhere on its row in the table. A popup will appear:

This shows the ticket details at the very top, then the company contact person and number, the company details, the worksite details, and select a range of actions from the Action Taken drop down menu under the Current Attempt heading, as well as the history of attempts/actions taken. The countdown to action deadline or if action is overdue is also visible on this screen under this heading.

If the member says they can't find the notification and ask for it to be resent to them, you can easily do this by clicking the Send ticket notification button to the right of the Worksite Details heading:


"Action Taken" Options and Their Results

If you select a "Follow-up needed" action, the countdown timer will reset. A note is necessary. When you have finished, click the Update status button. The status will change, the countdown timer will reset, and the History section will be updated with this attempt information:

The table will have this ticket entry updated and the ticket will be placed at the bottom of the queue: