OneCallAccess - What is Management Tools? (Service Operators Only)

What is Management Tools?

Management Tools is available to service operators only. With Management Tools you can view stuck jobs, push them through/cancel them, view OneCallAccess users and enable/disable them, or convert them to internal users. Additionally, if you have the permissions, you can modify some OneCallAccess settings in the database. You can find the management tools as the last options available in the Operations tab.

It will open in a new browser tab and must be logged into separately:

The initial page will be where you navigate to various aspects of Management Tools:

You can navigate to:

  • Enquiry Details – You can see all the details including background details of a ticket and can reprocess the ticket from here
  • LookUp Tables – You can create and amend high level groups of OneCall users and manage regional public holidays for the OneCall calendar to operate by
  • Notification Re-sends – Use this function to resend station code notifications either individually or in batches
  • Search Customer – You can search for any customer, make them internal, deactivate accounts, validate accounts, etc.

Below these buttons is a table overview of failures so that you can see at a glance how many tickets and notifications are stuck or errored. More information on this table is discussed in our Dashboard Table article.

To logout of Management Tools, click the Logout button in the very top right-hand corner of the screen:

Note: Logging out of Management Tools does NOT log you out of Damage Prevention Portal.