Connecting PlanAccess & Dial Before You Dig NextGen (AU only)

As many of you are aware, on July 1 2021 Dial Before You Dig changed their referral system. We worked closely with DBYD over the preceding weeks to ensure that PlanAccess will continue to work as it has in the past.

To link your PlanAccess service to the NextGen DBYD service, users will need to undertake the following steps:


Step-1   Register with the DBYD NextGen website if you haven't already done so.

Step-2   Click here and follow the onscreen instructions (explained below) to complete the linking of your new DBYD account with PelicanCorp's PlanAccess service.

Step-3   Log in to the web site using your previously existing DBYD login credentials from prior to June 30, or as provided by our Support staff (not those you just registered on the new website in Step-1, if they differ):

Step-4   Enter your email address that you used to sign-up to the DBYD NextGen site in Step-1, and press the button to 'Request validation code':


Step-5  Check your inbox for the "Dial Before You Dig Verification Request" email and enter the supplied code, then Press the 'Submit' button. Please be aware that code is valid for a limited time of 15 minutes.

Step-6   You should see a success message as in the image below. You're all done!

As of July 1 you will now be able to submit your new DBYD enquiries via the new DBYD website, and have responses still be collated by PlanAccess. 


Note: Please wait a minimum of ten (10) minutes after linking PlanAccess before submitting any new DBYD enquiries, to allow time for background processes to finish.