The PlanAccess Dashboard Screen

Once you open PlanAccess. it will automatically open in a new tab to the Dashboard screen. This will default to the "My Jobs" view:

If you wish to switch to the "All Jobs" view, simply click the button in the top left corner to view other jobs from your company. See What's the difference between "My Jobs" and "All Jobs" views? for more information:

Above the "My Jobs" and "All Jobs" buttons are the search fields if you wish to find a particular job.

  • NZ users will have the option to search by Job Number to bring up specific enquiries:
  • AU users will have options to search by Job Number as well as the Sequence Number to bring up enquiries:
  • Please note: these searches will only bring up results based on the view that you are currently in ("My Jobs" or "All Jobs").

The tiles above the table reflect various statistics  about the jobs that have been lodged based on what view you are currently using ("My Jobs" or "All Jobs"):

If you wish to search through closed jobs as well as open jobs, please make sure you tick the check box above the tiles.

The Job Filters button also allows you to filter the table by various fields or values. Please check out our How can I search for jobs? article for a detailed look at the filters.

The Job Table will list the first 7 jobs you have, again based on your view ("My Jobs" or "All Jobs"). To go to the next page of jobs, simply click the arrow buttons in the bottom right corner below the table to move back and forth between pages:

The table will show:

  • Job Number
  • Job Location
  • Who lodged the job (if in "All Jobs" view)
  • Scheme/Reference if applicable
  • Date the job was requested
  • How many responses are received out of the total number of expected responses
    • As some utilities have expiration dates on their responses, when this has been specified, an "Expired" notice will come up in the Responses column to indicate that there may be 1 or more responses which have passed the validity date. If no utilities have specified an expiration date, then there will be no "Expired" notice here regardless of how old the responses are.
  • The percentage of responses received
  • Status based on the percentage of responses received
    • An explanation or guide to the status colours can be found at the bottom of the Dashboard screen

To open any job to view the job details and responses, simply click anywhere on the row and it will open in a new tab. For more information, please see our article on the Job Details screen.

To the right of the table is the map, showing the location of the jobs currently listed in the table. As you change the page in the table that you're viewing, the map will update accordingly to reflect the location of the jobs in your current view. You can zoom in and out and pan/move the map around as desired via the buttons in the top left corner of the map.

Finally, the Download Scheme Bundle button is available from the Dashboard screen - please see How do I download my plans? for more information on this.