Glossary of Terms



Person who creates the report after a damage or violation has occurred. The Originator can be part of a utility company or an excavator company.


Person required to review and sign-off on reports prior to submitting them to PURA.
A Supervisor can be anyone from your company who can confirm that the details are correct - it need not be an organizational supervisor (or boss).
In certain circumstances, an Originator may be designated as the Supervisor.


​"Regulator" refers to the government regulators that track and investigate facility damages. They make the decisions regarding penalties and enforcement of excavation laws.

Example: PURA (Public Utility Regulatory Agency) in Connecticut.


Damage Incident Report Tool. The National Damage Database that PURA uploads completed damage information to for statistical compilation and high-level analysis on industry trends.


Reports Table

Report Fields


​Unique identifier number for each report

​Date of Incident

​Date and time incident occurred

​Address of Incident

​Street location where incident occurred


​Town/City where incident occurred

​Name of Utility Affected

​Name of Utility whose assets were involved in the incident

​Type of Utility

​What sort of Utility was involved, e.g. water, gas, etc.

​Excavator Company Name

​Name of the excavation company involved in the event
​Report Type ​Does the report refer to damange of an asset or a violation of regulations (no damage occurred)?

​Date Submitted

​The date the Originator submitted the report to the Supervisor

​Date Nominated

The date the Originator assigned a report to a Supervisor. If a new/second Supervisor is assigned, this date may differ from the Date Submitted (appears in Supervisor/Regulator accounts only)


Report Statuses

​Draft ​An incomplete report has been saved
​Review ​Originator completes report and assigns to Supervisor
​For Revision ​Supervisor rejects report from Originator and returns for edits
​For Regulator Approval   ​Supervisor assigns report to Regulator for their review and sign-off
​In Progress ​Regulator opens and starts reviewing the report
​Returned to Supervisor ​Regulator returns report to Supervisor for editing
​Completed ​Regulator approves/signs-off on the report

Report statuses can be viewed by expanding the individual reports by clicking on the ID number or the plus button: