Stations - What is Authority Viewer?

Authority Viewer is a section within every Station where you can add an Area of Interest (AOI) in order for the Station to be in use.

An Area of Interest must be setup for each Station so that notifications are triggered from the OneCall system and sent to the correct destination. Authority Viewer allows you to upload and view a OneCall station's AOI. Authority Viewer can be accessed from the Station Details view. The flow of steps for updating or adding an Area of Interest are as follows:

  1. Data Check
  2. Select Station Code
  3. Open Authority Viewer for Station
  4. Upload New AOI
  5. Check Map
    a) If AOI is Incorrect, Reject AOI and move back step 5
    b) If AOI is Correct, move to step 7
  6. Approve the AOI
  7. Publish AOI

For more detailed information, please click here.

How to Access and Use Authority Viewer

To access Authority Viewer, go to Settings > OneCallAccess > Stations (if you are a Service Operator, you will need to search the Company Name first) and select the relevant Station for which you wish to add/edit an AOI.  Each Station has its own individual AOI, so you must find the relevant Station first to access its AOI. Within each Station Details view, click the button in the top right-hand corner of the screen:

A pop-up window will appear confirming Authority Viewer will launch in a new window. Click Go to Authority Viewer:

Note: If the new window does not load, you may need to enable browser pop-ups for the DamagePreventionPortal site.

The Authority Viewer window will load as shown below (this screenshot depicts a new Station that has not yet uploaded an AOI):

This page contains:

  • Function buttons: the buttons along the top of the left panel provide options to:
    • Reset Position: use this to re-center the map, showing the whole AOI, at any time when you have maneuvered around the map (zoomed in/out or panned)
    • Upload Data: use this to upload new files for a new/replacement AOI
    • Rollback Live: this option will hide the current AOI and replace it with the previous AOI - if the current live AOI is wrong and you wish to roll back to a previous version, click Rollback Live from the top of the left-hand panel:

      A pop-up will appear:

      You will be required to provide a reason for performing the rollback, which will be added to the Authority History log. Enter the details, then click Confirm.
    • Abort Planned: if you have approved a new AOI dataset (but it is not yet Live), this option will prevent it from going live as planned. Fill in the popup that appears and click Confirm. The system will reset to the state it was before uploading the AOI.
    • Authority History: click this to bring up a window showing the prior actions performed and comments left on the Station’s AOIs. You can add new comments only if required by typing the comment in the box and clicking Add Comment. Ticking “Show details” shows a history of all the actions as well as the comments. If this is unticked, only comments will be viewable.
  • AOI Layer Approval: use these options to Approve, Reject, or Archive the currently loaded AOI dataset
  • Publish Date: use this field to select the date and time for a newly-approved AOI dataset to go live in OneCall
  • Details: a running tally of how many uploads and publishes there have been for the Station, as well as the status and relevant dates for the current AOI
  • Reference Points: these can be added to the map to help identify certain locations for future reference. To add a (new) point, click Add New Point. This will change the form to the following screenshot:

    Fill in the Reference point name that you wish to identify it by, then move your mouse over the map. You will notice a small blue circle around the tip of the arrow of your mouse when it moves over the map. Click on the particular point you wish to capture for future reference. The Long/Lat. fields will automatically fill for this point. Then click Save. You can keep adding as many points as you wish. When you have finished adding various points, click Cancel. This will take you back to the Reference Points full form with your new reference point/s appear in the drop down list. Now you can select the particular point you wish to see at any time in the future. Simply select the desired point identified by its given name, and the map will automatically zoom in to that location.
  • Map Display: use this to view the loaded AOI. Tools are given down the left side to allow you to zoom, measure distances, and switch between base map, satellite and hybrid views, past AOIs and reference points.

When you have finished using Authority Viewer, click the Logout button in the top right-hand corner of the screen (Note: This will NOT log you out of DamagePreventionPortal).