OneCallAccess - Ticket Notification Delivery

This is where you can resend your company's own sequence numbers that have been created via OneCall system enquiries. The default page will show Ticket notification delivery. Here you can see all the requests produced by OneCall users.

Tickets can be searched by station code, date range, individual ticket number, or a range of ticket numbers. You can sort the table according to ticket number in increasing or decreasing order by clicking on the heading.

If you notice you are missing one of these notifications in the requested destination Transmission Type (e.g. company email inbox), you can resend the sequence number yourself by selecting the ticket/s you require and clicking the Send notification button. You may notice a notification is missing by seeing the status as failed in DamagePreventionPortal, by noticing that the number of tickets here doesn’t match the number you received in their designated Transmission Type, or by cross checking the daily summary report.

Clicking the Send notification button brings up the following popup:

If you have selected multiple tickets, all the ticket numbers will appear at the bottom of “Delivery Status”. Select what transmission type you would like these notifications to be sent to or add a new transmission type by clicking Add type as required. Then click the envelope in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

A small confirmation box will appear at the bottom of the screen saying the resend was successful and the Deliver Status will be updated to show date, time and success of resend:


Service Operators

Service Operators can also resend ticket notifications for users/companies. Service Operators have the extra function of being able to see ticket notifications for multiple companies. At the top of the screen, you must search for the particular company in the search bar:

This will display the notifications for the first Station Code listed in the company. You can see the notifications for different station codes by clicking on the Station Code drop down menu and choosing the desired one. You can also filter notifications by individual ticket numbers, a range of ticket numbers, and by dates within each station code.