What is DamageAccess?

DamageAccess is an online tool that allows users to report both damages to underground utility facilities, and violations of safe excavating practices that did not result in asset damage. Each report must be approved by a Supervisor from the reporting company to confirm the accuracy of the content, before being passed to Regulators for their review. Completed reports must be received by Regulators within 30 days of the event.

The process requires an Originator to fill in a report of the Damage/Violation. Once all known information is completed, the report is then submitted to a Supervisor for their review (a Supervisor can be anyone who can confirm that the details are correct - it need not be an organizational supervisor, as long as it is someone in your company).

The Regulator then reviews the content to make decisions regarding enforcement and to report to DIRT. A Regulator user can return a report to its Supervisor if need be for additional revisions.

For more information on the roles of Originators, Supervisors and Regulators.