Viewing my reports list as a Regulator

Once you have logged in, select the Reports main menu tab, and select the For Approval sub-tab:

This will show you only reports that need to be assessed by your organization. To see all other reports, click on All Reports.

Once on the Reports List page, click the View option on the right-hand side of the report to view that particular report:

At the top left of the list you are given the option to select how many records to view per page. You can sort the list by the table headings, or search for individual reports via the Search option at the top right of the list. You can also filter the table according to certain criteria by clicking the Add Filters button next to the Search bar. Once you have chosen your filters, click the Apply Filters button to show only the jobs that satisfy all the chosen criteria. You then have the option to edit the filters by clicking the Revise button. To clear all filters and view all reports, go back to the filter popup box and click the Clear button. Scroll through multiple pages of reports using the Previous/Next option in the bottom right of the screen.

Click the plus button or the ID number (e.g. IR42435) to expand the particular report to show basic details including the report status. To condense it again, click the minus button