Management Tools - Lookup Tables (Service Operators Only)

This is where you can access and amend high-level groups of users and public holiday dates. Clicking on Lookup Tables reveals a drop-down menu of two buttons – Groups and Public Holidays:



 Groups is where you can create, amend and disable various user types:

The groups of user types might be Admin, Internal OneCall Users and External OneCall Users. Each group type has a unique ID shown in the first column. If the group is active or inactive, it will show in the second column. The third column is the group name, while the fourth column shows if users in this group are internal or external users.

Timeout is a count in minutes of how long it takes for users’ sessions in that group to timeout after periods of no activity. In this case, all users regardless of group will have their OneCall sessions timeout after 720 minutes of no activity. They will need to login again if they wish to continue the session after this time has passed.

The Limit columns are where you can setup a limit to the maximum number of jobs allowed within a certain time frame. In this case, each user group can lodge a maximum of 6 jobs within 2 minutes. If they try to lodge more than this in 2 minutes, the user will receive a message stating they have exceeded the limit, and they will just have to wait a minute or two before they can lodge more jobs. If Limit Block is activated for a group, it means the user’s account will be disabled if this limit is exceeded and they will need to have a service operator re-enable their account to lodge more jobs.

reCAPTCHA is an alternative to limit the number of jobs being lodge within a short amount of time. This can be turned on for various groups as desired.

All updates are recorded according to the login name and the date and time of the update.

To update a group’s details, click the Edit button in the last column. This will change that row to become editable:

When you have finished editing, click Save.

If you want to create a new group, click the Create button and a new blank row will appear in the table to be completed:

You can also search the groups according to any value in any column by the search bar under the Create button:


Public Holidays

This is where you can input the various public holidays your entire region will have so that the OneCallAccess calendar will incorporate these when choose the start date:

For example, if you have requested that all enquiries start dates have to be 2 business days from date of lodgment, and there is a public holiday at one point during the week, the calendar will extend the start date by one or more days as necessary so as not to include/count this public holiday as a business day.

Important Note: These holidays relate to entire regions, not states/provinces/territories, so local holidays should not be entered here as it will affect all states/provinces/territories. For example, only public holidays consistent across Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba should be entered here, as the same calendar system is used across all three provinces/territories.

Like in Groups, you can create a new Public Holiday entry by clicking the Create button, search for particular public holidays to see if they’re entered via the Search field, and edit existing entries by the Edit button in the last column of the table.

The table will show the first 10 entries. To see more entries, click the Next button or the page number you wish to view in the bottom right hand corner below the table.

You can also change how many entries are viewed at once by the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner above the table.