What is PlanAccess?

PlanAccess is an online service that manages and collates plan responses into individual "job packs" for you to download as complete packages for each of your enquiries. PlanAccess is accessible via both the Dial Before You Dig (Australia) and beforeUdig (New Zealand) services.

As a PlanAccess user, if you request plans via one of these services, instead of receiving the plans to your email inbox, the plan responses are diverted to PlanAccess. Once a complete batch of plans has been received, you can then download the job pack as a single bundle - no more manually matching mountains of emailed utility responses against your enquiry confirmation sheets.

PlanAccess also allows companies to link their different users' accounts, which means that staff across a whole organisation can now view and download each other's plans from a single pool of information. Download job packs individually or in groups to easily share amongst your workforce.