How to review reports as a Supervisor

Once you have logged in, select the Reports main menu tab. Choose the required report (status will be "Review" when report details are expanded) by clicking the View option:

Note: If you have also undertaken the role of Originator for some reports, these will also be shown on this list.

The report will open in a view that cannot be edited, but with the following options in the top right hand corner:

You can:

  • Edit the report yourself
  • Reject the report to the Originator to edit and resubmit
  • Submit the report to the Regulator (e.g. PURA in Connecticut) for approval

These choices are explained a little more below.

Reviewing Reports

View each page of the report by toggling through the headings at the top of the screen, or using the Next/Previous buttons in the bottom right corner.

If any details are incomplete or incorrect, this is your opportunity to amend them prior to submitting the report to the Regulator. Click Edit Form to open the form in editing mode and begin making your changes. Once finished, you can click Save or Submit to Regulator. Please see How to create a report for further information.

If you do not want to edit the form yourself, you can send it back to the Originator to fix by clicking Reject to Originator. This will reopen the report in the Originator's account so that they can edit it and resubmit it to you. The Originator will be notified by email and when they log into their account of this.

Submitting to the Regulator

Once the content of the report is satisfactory, it is ready to be passed on to the Regulator. This can be done by clicking the Submit to Regulator (e.g. PURA in Connecticut) link from the top right of the report page:

Back on the Dashboard list, the Report Status will update to "For Regulator Approval":

At the same time, an email notification will be sent to the Originator to update them on the report's progress.

Reports returned from the Regulator

The Regulator may return reports which they deem incomplete or inaccurate. Returned reports will have a status of "Returned to Supervisor":

You will be required to update the report according with the Regulator's instructions, which will be provided in various places - in a Comments box at the top of the report once opened, in summary in Activities section on Dashboard, and in the notification drop down when you click on notification icon at the top right of the screen.