OneCallAccess - Summary Report Delivery

Summary reports provide daily overviews of how many OneCall tickets have been received for each station/authority code. Each day’s summary report will be listed on the table as shown below:

Like with ticket notifications, it will list according to the first station/authority code. It will list the date and the number of tickets successfully received on that date. You can filter by station/authority code, a specific date, or a date range. You can also choose to include or exclude summary reports that have a value of 0 notifications for that date.

To send a report, select the desired date/s and click the Send Report button. The status will change to show if it is successful or not:

Please Note: North America refers to requests as "Tickets", while Australia refers to requests as "Jobs", and New Zealand refers to requests as "Enquiries".

The report will be sent to the email address provided in the Member Contact details for that station (North America) or the Summary Report Delivery email details for that authority (Australia and New Zealand):

If you wish to change this destination, you will need to first edit the Station Member Contact (North America) or the Summary Report Settings (Australia and New Zealand) email address via Settings > OneCallAccess > Stations/Authorities. See Adding and Editing Stations/Authorities for more information on how to edit.

A sample summary report is displayed below: