Settings - PositiveResponse - How to Add and Edit Response Codes (Service Operators Only)

If the company is a PositiveResponse member and you are a Service Operator (with admin rights) of an "Internal" company, you will have access to adding and editing response codes for PositiveResponse. You can do this by going to Settings > PositiveResponse:

Here you can view all the response codes. You can also filter these by the Status or search by the response code, short name, or the long name. Clicking on the headings of the table will resort the table according to that heading in ascending or descending order:


Adding and Editing Response Codes and Making Them Active and Inactive

To add a new response code, click the New response code button in the top right-hand corner. A popup will appear on the right to fill in. By default, the new response code will be Inactive, so remember to change this if you wish it to be Active immediately after you have saved it. Once you have filled it in, click the Save icon at the top and it will be added to the Response Code list.

Please note: Once you have created a response code, the code cannot be edited. You can, however, edit the short and long names of the code, and make it active or inactive.

To edit a response code, click on the relevant one in the table. A panel will open on the right showing its details. Click the pencil/Edit button in the top to edit it. You can only edit the short and long names of the response code - you cannot edit the code itself. This is also how you make a response code Active or Inactive. Making a code Inactive will remove the code from the list for utilities to select in the future. It will not change the Response Codes provided to contractors by utilities in the past. When you are finished editing, click the Save icon at the top. It will be saved and will be immediately available for external utilities to use.