Management Tools - Search Customer (Service Operators Only)

This is where you can view any OneCall signed up user and amend their details if needed, validate their account, make them an internal user or remove their internal user status:

You can search by Username, User ID, Company, Email, Last Name or Group ID.

Note: You cannot create users within Management Tools.

Once you have found the user you wish to view, you can edit all fields except for Contractor ID and the Password fields. Editing fields through Management Tools will not change the user’s ID, unlike in OneCallAccess.

To make a user an Internal User, tick the “Is Internal” box in their row and assign the relevant Group ID for the internal users (if you are unsure of the correct Group ID number, you can go to Lookup Tables > Groups and see the ID number assigned to the Internal user group). To change an internal user back to an external user, reverse these steps.

If you would like to make a user inactive, untick this box.

You can also validate a user’s account here by clicking on the drop-down menu in the Validated Email column and selecting “Validated”.

Once you have finished editing the user, scroll to the end of the table and click Update in the very last column. This will save the changes made.