PositiveResponse - How to Action PositveResponse Tickets (North America Only)

To assign a response code, select the relevant ticket/s and click the Assign response code button in the top right corner. 

Select the correct response code from the drop-down menu – a small description will appear for that code so you can double-check you have chosen the right one.

Note: If you are a Service Operator doing this on behalf of a user/company, you must enter an explanatory note.

Once complete, click Assign response code. The code will now update on the contractor’s PositiveResponse application. The ticket will disappear from the unassigned table and appear in the relevant response code list. You can double-check this by filtering by the response code to see if it appears correctly in that list.

If you have multiple tickets to update, you can “Select all” by clicking the box to the left of ‘Due by’ title in the first column to save time

This will select all the tickets in the table. Click the Assign response code button and choose the desired code, then click Assign response code again. This can also be helpful if you want to update most tickets with the same response code – select all, then unselect the few that you don’t want to update and continue with assigning the code.

You can change the response codes as many times as you wish, no matter what the current response code is. Select the ticket and follow the previous steps to assign a new response code. All changes, dates, times, and the user who changed them will be recorded in the contractor’s PositiveResponse application.

Note: If you are a Service Operator doing this on behalf of a user/company, you will need to search for the company first in the search bar at the top before bringing up the list of tickets.