I cannot open Management Tools or Authority Viewer

If you are a service operator and are having trouble opening Management Tools or Authority Viewer, most of the time this will be due to your internet browser not having pop-ups enabled. Both of these services open in new tabs from the DamagePreventionPortal site so, if pop-ups are not enabled, the program will not load.

Most browsers will give you an error notification or a status bar advising that a pop-up has been blocked. Follow the prompts to allow pop-ups for the DamagePreventionPortal site, then try clicking the Management Tools tab or Authority Viewer button again to load the application.

Otherwise, you may need to manually allow pop-ups in the browser's settings. Instructions for some popular browsers are listed below:

If you require further assistance, or if pop-ups are enabled on your browser and you still cannot launch either of these programs, please contact our Support Team via the widget in the bottom corner of this page, or email us.