Subscriptions - How to Add and Update Subscription Statuses

Adding A Subscription

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions cannot be edited or deleted, only made “Inactive”.

Subscriptions is where you assign who receives what notifications. You can add as many rules as needed for various stations/authorities. You can filter the table according to status or search for a particular subscription in the search bar at the top:

Note: At least one station must be setup before subscriptions are added, otherwise the subscription will apply to all subsequent stations.

Click the New Subscription button:

In the popup form that appears:

  1. Enter a Subscription Name
  2. Choose a Transmission Type (these were setup before under Ticket Notification Settings) or add a new type if needed
  3. Choose the time range for these notifications. You may have multiple rules here to allow notifications to be directed to different places according to the time as required, e.g. you could have notifications sent to one person early in the week/during business hours, and a second person later in the week/outside business hours. There are a couple of ways to go about this:
    • Between Rules: Use when you want to have notifications sent somewhere between certain times, e.g. 9:00AM – 5:00PM notifications are sent to Person A, whilst Person B takes care of notifications after hours.
      • In this case, the rules would be set up like:
        Rule 1: Between 12:00AM – 8:59AM – send to Person B
        Rule 2: Between 9:00AM – 5:00PM – send to Person A
        Rule 3: Between 5:01PM – 11:59PM – send to Person B
    • Outside Of Rules: Use when you want to have notifications sent somewhere outside of certain times, which can help cut down how many rules need to be set. Using the example above:
      • In this case, the rules would be set up like:
        Rule 1: Between 9:00AM – 5:00PM – send to Person A
        Rule 2: Outside 9:00AM – 5:00PM – send to Person B
    • Choose 24/7 if the company always wants all notifications for a particular station to be sent to the one destination.
  4. Choose the days they want the times to apply to. If this is left blank, the rule will apply to all days of the week.
  5. Choose the stations they want this rule to apply to (stations were created earlier). If this is left blank, the rule will apply to all stations.
  6. Choose the ticket types they want this rule to apply to. If you select certain ones, then this rule will always apply to these certain ticket types in the future. If new ticket types come through in the future, a new rule will need to be created to incorporate these. If you leave this section blank, the rule will apply to all ticket types for all time.
  7. Choose the work type that you wish this rule to apply to, or leave this section blank for the rule to apply to all work types.
  8. Click the Save icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The new subscription will appear in the Subscriptions table.

IMPORTANT: Once a rule has been created, it cannot be edited or deleted. You can only make it Active or Inactive. If you make a mistake in creating the rule or no longer need the rule, change it to Inactive and create a new rule. This is for audit history reasons.


What is the Difference Between the New Subscription button and the Add Subscription Rule button?

The New Subscription button is for adding completely new subscriptions from scratch. On the other hand, the Add subscription rule button allows you to add a different version of an already existing subscription. If you have filtered the table by a particular subscription and then click this button, it prefills the Subscription Name with the subscription name showing in the table. If you haven't filtered the table, you can search for the subscription name in the search bar at the top of the Add subscription rule panel for you to choose the particular subscription that you would like to add the rule to. All the other settings are for you to set as if you were creating a new subscription.


How to Make a Subscription "Active" or "Inactive"

After you make a subscription, it will automatically be set as Active. If you wish to change this in the future, open the subscription details and click the Active/Inactive button to change the status of the subscription rule: