PositiveResponse Response Codes (North America Only)

Users can assign one of eight Response Codes to a PositiveResponse ticket:

CODE 1 – Clear / No Conflict: Facilities are not in conflict with the excavation site/pre-marked area.

CODE 2 – Marked: Facilities have been marked according to the excavation site/pre-marked area.

CODE 3Marked – Critical Facilities: Do not dig – Utility personnel required onsite.

CODE 4Marked – Maps Provided: Maps or other documentation has been provided to the excavator.

CODE 5 Not Complete / In Progress: Large Project – Facility Owner has spoken with the Excavator and has agreed to this message.

CODE 6Unmarked – Unable to find: Information provided on ticket is not correct or site is not pre-marked.

CODE 7 – Unmarked – Could Not Access: Arrange with Locator/Utility Owner to provide access to excavation site.

CODE 8 – Unmarked – Meeting Requested: Unmarked – Locator/Utility Owner requests meeting with Excavator.