The "Finding Caller Confirmation" Function

When an Originator creates a new damage report, you have the option to find the relevant Caller Confirmation sheet in CBYD via the Reports Access Portal (RAP). This will provide you with details regarding who the Excavator was for the job and the list of utilities who were notified of the works. These details can then be cut and pasted into the relevant fields within the DamageAccess report as required. You can obtain the Caller Confirmation in 2 ways:

  1. Via the Find Caller Confirmation button available on the popup after clicking New Report:
  2. Via tab '5. Damage Impact' screen after starting to fill in the Report details:

    Please note: If you put a CBYD Request number in the CBYD Request # field on tab "5. Damage Impact" before clicking the Find Caller Confirmation button, the Request number will not auto-fill the Request Number field in RAP.

RAP will open in a new window, allowing you to search for the Caller Confirmation sheet using any of the query detail fields provided on the left of the screen (e.g. Start Date, End Date, Request Number, Caller Name, Street or Town):

After you have filled in the desired fields, click the Query button to search:

The relevant results will appear on the right hand side of the screen:

To view the relevant Caller Confirmation, click the PDF button on the row:

You can now copy and paste details as required into the Report form that you're filling out.

The Map button simply shows you a basic map of the area marked out in the CBYD enquiry.


The RAP Table

You can change how the table is viewed in various ways. In the top left of the top is a way to change the number of results that are shown per page. In the top center of the table is the Column Visibility button. This provides a drop down of various columns to view or hide in the table as you wish.

The Export button in the top center allows you to export all the search results into an excel spreadsheet to save onto your computer.

In the top right, you can search the results via certain values/fields. You can also sort the table in ascending/descending order according to each of the column headings by clicking on a heading.

Down the bottom right are the number of pages of results that you can flip through.